Jeff Bezos Reveals How to Prosper Like Amazon

During his keynote speech in the MARS conference held in Las Vegas, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos revealed some of his techniques in establishing the world’s leading e-commerce platform. He said that the primary strategy that he used to get ahead from his competitors is being ‘customer-obsessed.’

He said that one must value the customers so much to the point that you are ready to sacrifice and go the extra mile. Bezos revealed that Amazon won the heart of the customers during its budding stage because it got the lowest tags for its products and services. And their sacrifices before were paid off now.

The current number of Amazon subscribers skyrocketed to 100 million in the first quarter of 2019.

Another thing that Bezos emphasized was the importance of being resilient to failures.  He said that failures are inevitable in any business ventures. Instead of trying to prevent breakdowns, one must know how to accept them and learn from the lessons these challenges partake.

To induced light description on his standpoint, the CEO used a metaphor. He compared success in playing baseball.

He said that before you hit a home run, you need to endure strike errors first. 

The next that he pointed out was the importance of believing the cause of a particular business. Meaning to say, you need to understand the vision of your company and what are the goods you intend to bring to other people. The motivation that you’ll get once you know the reasons why your business exists is incomparable. And since you are motivated, you will always fill the gap and do the winning run to defeat your closest business rivals.

Bezos ended the speech highlighting the significance of passion.

He said that no matter how knowledgeable a person is, if without passion, he or she will never become successful in any business.

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